Why choose Miele

Since Miele was founded in 1899, we have remained true to our "Immer besser" motto. This translates to us striving for higher quality, better products and ultimate customer service compared to our competitors. Our customers enjoy the highest quality of house appliances and their decision to buy Miele will not disappoint them in a lifetime. Therefore, Miele remains a unique company and our motto will always motivate us to do more for you.



Miele Quality

Miele has been operating in the house appliances market for more than 100 years. We are the only manufacturer testing our products for the equivalent of 20 years' use ensuring their high quality and functionality. More than 90% of users in Germany trust Miele and recommend it to others. We respect each customer and their needs and pledge never to compromise our quality, values and high standards.


Die Miele Technik

Miele technology

Miele combines optimum technology with the lowest energy consumption throughout your house. Whether cleaning your kitchen, doing your laundry or cooking, you choose to be environmentally-friendly thanks to the special innovative features integrated in the Miele appliances. Leading product tests throughout the world carried out by several institutions including the Stiftung Warentest testify to the Miele high quality products.


Der Miele Komfort

Miele convenience

Operating Miele appliances is always easy and fun. Whether you are using a conventional rotary switch or a discreet sensor control, Miele offers you a range of additional automatic programmes with guaranteed success and easy operation. We place high emphasis on detailed designed and reliability. Make your fast-paced life easier by choosing Miele!


Miele Design

Miele design

Miele is an innovator in designing appliances with clean lines and timeless elegance. Whether you purchase a built-in appliance or a freestanding product, Miele will match the interior design of your house. Our wide range of appliances are sure to suit every taste and we make sure to coordinate appliance design across the range.



Miele Service

Miele is known for its fast and reliable service with our after sales beneficial package. We stand next to our customers for any possible issues and we pay you a visit for personalized instructions and advice to help you make the most of our quality products. Miele treats their customers uniquely and promises to deliver nothing but the best.


Die Marke Miele

Miele Brand

Miele has been awarded the "best brand ever" title on its home market in Germany being the leader in the industry. Our customers are fully aware than when they buy Miele, they opt for quality, reliability and they are environmentally conscious. The high expectations of our users are sure to be met. A Miele purchase will always be a smart, wise and time-tested decision.