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Practical locking system

The vacuum cleaner components are easily locked and secured with just one click. The floorhead, suction tube and handle lock together for additional safety. You can easily unlock them at the touch of a button if you wish to take additional components.
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Comfort cable rewind with single-touch control

Conveniently rewind the vacuum cleaner table with a foot control, completely avoiding stooping. Model series S6 and S8 are also equipped with a touch control function enabling the entire cable to be rewound easily. Make cleaning a pleasant and time-saving experience.
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A complete range of accessories

A complete range of high quality accessories is available within the Miele vacuum cleaners. An upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush are always at hand and stored dust-free in the vacuum cleaner. Exclusively with Miele, they can be stored on a Vario clip and remain easily accessible.
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Large operating radius

Convenience is what you get when you choose Miele. The large operating radius enable you to clean an area of more than 500 m2 without having to change power points and disrupt your work. The cable, suction tube and hose combined provide you with an operating radius of 13 metres to clean your large circular area conveniently.
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Park system for vacuuming breaks

The smart park system for vacuuming breaks enables easy handling without tedious stooping. The floorhead is hooked onto the rear of the vacuum cleaner and the suction tube is in a secure and handy working position. An additional intelligent innovation by Miele is that the motor switches off automatically and troublesome stooping is eliminated.
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DynamicDrive swivel castors

Enjoy the many advantages of the Miele vacuum cleaners. The unique DynamicDrive swivel castors rotate 360°. They are equipped with shock absorbers and move smoothly while protecting and cleaning the floor at the same time. They are mounted on steel axles, they are abbrasion-proof and long-lasting. Benefit from the quietness of the vacuum cleaners and the efficiency they provide.
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Vacuum cleaners 7

EcoComfort handle

The EcoComfort handle by Miele is highly efficient and ideal when you are in a hurry. The integrated dusting brush offers ergonomic handling and fast cleaning in the event of mishaps. Miele helps in keeping your house dust-free!
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Vacuum cleaners 8

Compact System

Save time, energy and space while using the Miele vacuum cleaners. If there isn't enough space in your house, the Compact System developed by Miele consisting of a Park System on both sides and an XXL handle, the cylinder vacuum cleaners are easier to store than ever.
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Vacuum cleaners 9

Chrome trim

Clean your house with style. The Complete C3 models with the tangibly robust surface add class to your appliance. The foot switches and the connection for the suction hose both have a high-grade chrome finish. With Miele you clean with style!
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Vacuum cleaners 10

Silence system plus

Quiet vacuuming becomes even more quiet with the Silence system plus. The sound insulation for the fan and the noise-reducing Silence AirClean filter make the Complete C3 silence enjoyable and feasible.
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Vacuum cleaners 11

Thermal protection

Miele offers reliable protection from overheating with the thermal protection. A temperature limiter protects the appliance from overheating. If the air passage is blocked, for example by vacuuming bulky parts, the motor will automatically switch off for safety's sake. When the issue is eliminated, the vacuum is once again ready to be used.
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Vacuum cleaners 12

Bumper strip

In the event of accidental collision, the bumper strip offers additional protection for both the machine and your furniture. Miele S700, S5 and S8 models have an all-round bumper made from soft synthetic material to prevent unwanted scratches.
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Vacuum cleaners 13

Gentle-start motor

The selected power level is turned on gradually when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on. This function prevents the mains from overloading. The power supply is preserved as the motor is gently activated.
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Vacuum cleaners 14

Handles with anti-static conductor

Static discharge between appliance and user is prevented with Miele handles with anti-static conductor. All cylinder vacuum cleaners have a small metal strip integrated into the handle which acts like a lightning conductor while the vacuum cleaner is switched on.
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