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With your decision to buy Miele appliances, you choose quality and longevity for your products. If you experience any problem with any of our products, we are always available to provide reliable assistance. If you have any issues, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Miele technicians or authorized service partners in your area to receive the best and experienced service. Call us at 22-451999 for an appointment.



Spare parts & accessories

To ensure the lifelong quality of our products, we advise you to use only original Miele spare parts or accessories that will perfectly fit in your appliance and preserve its functionality. Miele offers a variety of accessories to suit your needs and our authorized partners are sure to give you nothing but the best. After each repair, your product will continue to function at its optimum performance.


after sales

After sales services

Miele continues to offer its services long after your purchase to ensure maximum quality. The After sales packages created just for you add to the many advantages of the Miele products. The After sales packages offer individual benefits for each of our appliances.
Extended warranty : The Miele Service Certificate, the epitomy of our extended warranty for up to 10 years, is created to provide the best service for our customers.
Maintenance: All Miele appliances are designed using the highest quality standards. However, if any of your Miele appliances develop irregularities, please contact the maintenance services to ensure the lifelong quality of your products.
Home demonstrations: Miele is an innovator in appliance design and customer service. Our new Home demonstrations service provides individual product advice in your house. Our authorized product specialist analyses the details and benefits of the Miele appliances so that you can make the most of it.


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Delivery & Connection

When purchasing Miele appliances you can choose whether you wish for your appliance to be responsibly delivered at your house, have our team of experts connect it and ensure it functions properly. You can also give us your old Miele appliances and we take care of their disposal safely. Please specify if you wish to take advantage of these services at the time of purchase.