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Moisture Plus

The Moisture Plus function is ideal for taking your cooking and baking to the next level. Bake bread as if fresh from the bakery. Cook your favorite meat recipes and taste the succulent result. The moisture combined with other operating modes create the perfect environment for quality cooking and baking. Adjust the bursts of steam for greater convenience depending on the recipe.
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Special applications

Miele ovens offer you a variety of cooking and baking options for greater convenience. Choose a particular temperature to cook or bake and create the ideal environment to dry fruit. Our ovens are designed to help you in your cooking experience and ensure a variety of possibilities for added value.
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Residual heat utilisation

Energy efficiency is our top priority. Miele ovens allow you to programme your cooking time or use the food probe. When cooking is over, they switch off early automatically and use the residual heat to finish the cooking process and preserve your meal without affecting the cooking result.
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Safety features

You can lock your Miele oven to prevent unintentional operation, for example by children and feel safe even when your meal is being cooked. A conventional Miele oven will switch off automatically when the maximum operation time is exceeded. There is no need to worry as we have taken our measures to protect our customers' safety and ensure their convenience.
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Crisp function

The crisp function can be applied combined with other operating modes. Some foods require specific conditions in order to be perfectly cooked. Adjust the moisture within the oven compartment and make the perfect pizza or french fries with a crispy finish to surprise your family and guests.
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FlexiClip fully telescopic runners

The fully telescopic runners allow you to be flexible and remain safe while cooking. You can easily remove baking trays, racks and gourmet dishes without getting burned. Test if your food has been cooked or turn it over safely ensuring the perfect cooking result and avoiding burns.
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Individual settings

Miele treats their customers uniquely and has integrated the individual settings in the Miele ovens. You can adjust the language, brightness, audible tones and many more functions to suit your individual needs and taste and programme your schedule. Flexibility and user convenience is as important to us as it is to you.
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TwinPower hot air fans

The TwinPower hot air fans, exclusively for the 90cm ovens, are the fastest way to heat up your oven and have the air evenly distributed. The oven will be ready to use in no time and the conditions will be ideal to prepare the perfect meal thanks to the two heaters and fans.
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XXL oven compartment

The XXL oven compartment, exclusively for the 90cm ovens, provides ample space for cooking and baking. The 90litre cabinet with the three shelf levels is more than enough to prepare a meal for a large group of people or to plan your family's weekly meals. Miele provides the solutions you need to make your life easier.
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Miele stainless steel appliances have a CleanSteel finish. The surfaces don't need special cleaning detergents and fingerprints are nearly invisible. Maintenance is made easier and after-cooking time is not spent on endless cleaning.
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AirClean catalyser

No more odours or grease deposits on your furniture after cooking. The AirClean catalyser emerges steam which significantly reduces the unwanted odours from the room, furniture and walls. This added convenience can be easily activated or deactivated depending on the model. Activate it at the start of the cooking programme and see the results yourself.
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Pyrolytic cleaning

Forget scrubbing; the old-fashioned way of cleaning. Pyrolytic cleaning is an automatic process during which residue in the oven is turned to ash at very high temperatures. All food residue turns to ash which can be easily removed. As to the amount of energy needed, the pyrolytic process does not consume more energy than it should. Energy efficiency is always present in Miele.
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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency class A+ Miele appliances have significant advantages for the customer and the environment. Lower energy consumption is environmentally-friendly and budget-friendly. Turn on your ovens knowing that you save both money and energy at the same time while preserving the high Miele standards.
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Appliance cooling system with cool front

Miele ovens are cooled on all sides for maximum protection. Controls, handles and cabinets are relatively cooled to avoid burns. The multi-layer panels provide good insulation and ensure the lower temperature on the outside door for increased safety while cooking and baking.
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