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Microwave ovens 1

40 cm turntable

The large 40cm turnable provides enough space to fit cups, dishes and glasses. The flexible Miele turntable rotates to ensure that your food and drinks are heated evenly. You can now have more dishes ready in less time.
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Microwave ovens2

Quartz grill

The quartz grill, integrated into the ceiling of the Miele microwave ovens, provides perfect cooking results. All dishes are browned within a very short time as the grill operates at full power after only a few seconds. Combined with the turntable dish, your meals are browned quickly and evenly.
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Microwave oven3

Safety switch

A safety switch integrated in the Miele microwave ovens ensures your additional safety. The self-contained safety switches with interactive monitoring add to the flexibility and convenience of the ovens. Warm your favourite meal within a very short time and keep safe at the same time.
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Microwave ovens 4

Combination mode

Faster cooking is enabled through the combination mode of the Miele ovens. Whether casseroles, pizza, chicken drumsticks or your other favorite meals, Miele ovens will cook your food and add a crispy finish to it. Enjoy your browned, delicous dishes easily and quickly.
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Microwave ovens 5

Quick microwave

With Miele microwave ovens, the power is yours. Press the "Start" button one, two or three times and the appliance will be activated for 30, 60 or 120 seconds and will switch off when the time is over. The quick microwave function gives you full access to the highest microwave power for maximum flexibility. Prepare your hot meal or beverage quickly.
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Microwave ovens 6

Automatic programmes

Let the Miele ovens take over with the smart automatic programmes. Select the desired programme, enter the weight of the food and the oven will adjust the cooking time and power level. There is no need to further check or monitor your food. The defrosting, defrosting followed by cooking or other automatic programmes make cooking experience easier even for amateurs.
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Microwave ovens 7

Individual settings

Adjust your Miele microwave oven according to your personal schedule. Feel free to set the factory-set parametres, for example the buzzer, as needed to suit your daily schedule and personal preferences. Make cooking a unique and individual experience for personalized meals according to your taste.
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Microwave ovens 8

Keeping warm function

You will definitely enjoy the meals prepared at the Miele microwave ovens. The keeping warm function is activated two minutes after a process has been finished and keeps your food warm, at serving temperature, for up to 15 minutes, as long as you don't open a door or press any buttons. This additional functions adds flexibility and convenience for the user.
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Microwave ovens 9

Memory function

The memory function is created just for you: with the touch of just one button you can have three processes done at the same time. Preselect the processes needed, for example, defrosting, cooking, baking and the oven will remember it and do accordingly. The smart appliance will take care of the power modes and time of processes.
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Microwave ovens 10

XL cabinet

TopControl Miele appliances have a large space compartment of 46 litres. Take advantage of the capacities of the Miele ovens and cook a meal for a large group of people while saving time, bake or warm beverages. The extra space provides an additional advantage combined with the rest of exciting features of the Miele ovens.
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Microwave ovens 11


Cooking experience is made easier even after the meal has been cooked. The Miele ovens with the CleanSteel surface are easily cleaned and without needing additional cleaning detergents. Fingerprints are nearly invisible and cleaning is no longer a time-consuming activity.
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Microwave ovens 12

Stainless-steel interior

The stainless steel interior adds efficiency to the cooking process. The material helps the even distribution of the microwaves and helps you clean the oven easily at the end of every process. Your meal is perfectly cooked, cleaning requires less time and the elegant design remains.
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Microwave ovens 13

LED lighting

The LED lighting in the Miele microwave ovens provide perfect visibility of your meal while it is being cooked. Check the process at any time and don't worry about changing the lighting. The high quality LEDs are characterized by longevity and are virtually maintenance-free. Enjoy the benefits the Miele ovens give you!
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Microwave ovens 14

System lock

Miele adds an extra touch of safety with the System lock function which prevents unintentional operation, for example by children. Cook your food and enjoy peace of mind at the touch of a button.
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