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Energy efficiency

Miele heat-up tumble dryers achieve the highest energy efficiency results and the best ones can even achieve 10% higher energy efficiency than the value needed to reach the A+++ energy class. Feel free to dry your clothes while preserving the environment and saving money at the same time. Economical and environmentally-friendly drying is made possible with Miele.
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ProfiEco motor

Benefit from the maintenance-free ProfiEco motor by Miele. The highly efficient permanent-magnet motor achieves highest performance and is extremely economical. Miele motors are compatible with all Miele appliances achieving maximum performance and providing the best results for you.
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Miele tumble dryers save you time from ironing your clothes with the SteamFinish function. The smart appliances spray water at the beginning of the drying process creating a fine mist which is heated by the drying air. The steam created penetrates the textiles and smoothens them. Your laundry requires less ironing or sometimes, not necessary at all.
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Highest condensation efficiency

Miele always ensures quality for your appliances. Our tumble dryers have the lowest moisture loss to protect the closed room and mould from being created in the interior. Our appliances are leak-proof and the warm air escaping from them increases the condensation effect.
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Convenient fluff filter

Clean the fluff filter conveniently and easily. The filter is always separated from the laundry to keep it clean. When the message "clean airways" appears on screen, you can remove the fluff filter and clean it. Its smooth surface ensures fast and effective cleaning.
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Integrated condensed water drainage

It is no longer necessary to empty the condensate container. The smart technology intergrated in all Miele condenser dryers drains the condensed water directly into a sink or siphon or in a U-tube. Miele makes your life easier and your tumble dryer is ready for the next activation.
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The best noise levels

Enjoy peace and quietness while your laundry is drying. Miele tumble dryers are designed to minimise airflow and vibration noise. Some models even have an "Extra Quiet" special programme to make the drying process more quiet. Benefit from the lowest noise levels and continue your other daily tasks uninterrutped.
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Miele helps you to always be on top of things. The EcoFeedback function provides all the information you need for the drying process. The amount of energy needed appears before the beginning of the process. The energy consumption is displayed before and after drying. This information helps you to save energy while drying your laundry and reminds you of cleaning your filter as a clean filter always saves energy.
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Intelligent drum reversal

The automatic change of rotation direction adds to the smoothness of your clothes and ensures uniform drying. The drum rotates at irregular intervals to prevent laundry from tangling up or creasing. Your laundry then requires less or no ironing and the textile fibres are well preserved.
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Heat-pump technology

Tumble dryers with heat pump technology are highly effective and economical treating your laundry with care and saving energy. Even the most delicate textiles are safe in the Miele heat-up tumble dryers due to the low temperatures created.
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Drum lighting

Miele makes every housework task extremely fun. The LED lighting in the tuble dryer drum perfect illuminates the interior ensuring that no item will be left behind when unloading the appliance. Many of the Miele appliances have maintenance-free LEDs adding to the user convenience.
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Maintenance-free heat exchanger

Miele places emphasis on every detail. The heat exchanger in the Miele heat-pump dryers is protected by an effective filtration system and does not require cleaning. Less energy is needed for the complete service life of the appliance. Choose Miele for high quality standards.
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Miele offers you a range of 5 fragnances coming directly from the south of France to add a special touch to the drying experience. Choose your favourite fragnance from our specialists who have been creating perfumes for Miele since 1871 and have you laundry smell heavenly for 4 weeks. Using a patented process, our specialists ensure that the essential oils are preserved.
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Enamelled front

Miele is the only domestic appliance manufacturer creating washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers with enamelled fronts. The surface is easy to clean and protected from acids, corrosion and scratches thanks to its surface protection. It is also alkaline-resistant proving maximum protection, convenience and adding perfect design inside and out.
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