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Dishwashers 1

Ultimate energy efficiency

Energy-efficient Dishwashers, class Α+++. Our energy-efficient dishwashers combine cleaning and drying functions and ensure the best cleaning results for your dishes and cutlery using a minimum amount of water.
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EcoTech heat reservoir

The EcoTech heat reservoir technology reduces energy cosumption by 20% and produces perfect cleaning results at the same time. The energy label informs you about the low water and energy consumption of the Miele dishwashers.
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Quiet efficiency

Miele technology makes dishwashers operate quietly and efficiently from 41dB. Noise is reduced to the possible minimum level and you are free to continue with your everyday activities uninterrupted. Choose Miele appliances for integrated solutions.
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Dishwashers 4


Four LEDs illuminate the interior part of the dishwasher to help you unload your dishes and light up the working area of the dishwasher. The LEDs are turned on when the dishwasher is opened. Feel free to load and unload your appliance safely and effectively.
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Dishwasher 5

Freshwater dishwashers

Miele dishwashers use exclusively fresh mains water. Certain programmes require the minimum amount of energy.
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Dishwashers 6


The door of the dishwasher is easy to open and helps you when loading and uploading the basket. Every time you open the door, it remains in the same position. Miele dishwashers are easy and convenient to use.
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Dishwashers 7

Patented 3D cutlery tray

The unique patented 3D tray effectively cleans your cutlery. The central part provides more space for larger cutlery items. The tray is adjustable allowing you to insert long-stemmed glasses for effective cleaning.
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Dishwashers 8


It takes no more than 58 minutes for your normally soiled crockery to be perfectly cleaned. Your dishes will be ready to use in less than one hour. The specially developed Miele tabs ensure the perfect cleaning and drying results. The optimum cleaning performance starts at the beginning from the programme.
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Dishwashers 9

Half load

Miele technology automatically recognizes the load inserted in the dishwasher. It isn’t necessary to insert a full load into the basket. The automatic technology adjusts the water and energy needed to perfectly wash your crockery. Miele saves you both time and energy!
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Dishwashers 10

Perfect GlassCare

The Perfect GlassCare technology keeps your glasses perfectly clean and bright. The programme adjusts the water softness and ensures that your glasses are gently and safely washed.
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Dishwashers 11


The innovative technology by Miele introduces the opening mechanism for fully integrated dishwashers. Thanks to the handless design, the door opens by 10cm after knocking twice at the front panel. Miele provides this unique customer experience to make cleaning easier for you.
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Dishwasher 12

Patented AutoOpen drying

The patented AutoOpen drying technology opens the door of the dishwasher at the end of the programme. When all your crockery is perfectly washed and dried, the door automatically opens leaving a small gap.
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Dishwashers 13


The SmartSmart Miele appliances start automatically when the energy tariff is the least expensive. Miele ensures a huge saving potential and a full customer experience by providing high-tech appliances combined with the lowest energy consumption.
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Dishwashers 14


The specially designed LEDs inform you when the programme is almost over. At the end of the programme, the door opens thanks to the AutoOpen technology and remains in the same position leaving a gap. The TimeControl function allows you to have complete control over your appliance.
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