Miele leading company was established in 1899 and has since remained committed to its customers, employers and the environment. Miele respects the needs of its unique customers and has preserved the high quality of its products throughout the years. The guiding principle "Immer besser" translates to "always better"; always better durability, performance, energy efficiency, functionality standards as this is the legacy of our two founders Carl Miele (left) and Reinhard Zinkann. Our company is always thinking ahead, innovates and remains true to the values that have been our foundation for more than 100 years.


Historie Buehne


Two families have shaped the company for more than 100 years: Miele and Zinkann. Back in 1899, four lathes and one drilling machine were the equipment and capital to found a company for the manufacture of cream separators in Herzebrock. Engineer Carl Miele and businessman Reinhard Zinkann founded the company and the "Immer besser" principle has guided them since. We continue to remain faithful to this principle.
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Geschaeftsentwicklung Ueber uns

Business Performance

The Miele people aim for continuous development. Based on official data, Miele has achieved a sales volume of 4.1bn euros in the first semester of 2018. The numbers prove the continuous improvement of our company. Miele, in its home market in Germany, has grown to €1.21 billion (plus 2.4 per cent).The Miele group employs 20,098 people worldwide, 11,225 of them in Germany (as of 30 June 2018).
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Since its establishment in 1899, Miele has been owned by the two families of Miele and Zinkann. All of the approximately 70 company associates are direct descendants of the two founders: Carl Miele or Reinhard Zinkann. The reliable management of the company rests in the hands of the five managing directors: (from left) Dr Stefan Breit, Dr Markus Miele, Olaf Bartsch, Dr Reinhard Zinkann and Dr Axel Kniehl.